Geotechnical Engineer

Berlin (Germany)
Job vacancy
Company Statement
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Intro Paragraph
The Geotechnical Engineer will play a pivotal role in ensuring the stability and success of
engineering projects by providing expert geotechnical analysis and risk assessment. This critical
position is responsible for leading comprehensive evaluations of ground conditions, coordinating
with external service providers, and developing robust foundation solutions to support project
infrastructure. The Geotechnical Engineer will utilize their expertise to identify and mitigate
potential geotechnical risks, ensuring the safety, reliability, and longevity of projects. This role
demands a high level of technical proficiency, strategic planning, and proactive problem-solving to
drive project success and maintain the highest standards of engineering excellence.
Your Job
Key Responsibilities 
  • Lead geotechnical evaluations and risk assessments to support project planning and execution
  • Coordinate with external partners and service providers to ensure accurate and detailed geotechnical analysis
  • Develop and communicate detailed scopes of work and project requirements to ensure alignment and effective project execution
  • Provide expert guidance on foundation and infrastructure development to support overall project success
  • Proactively identify and mitigate geotechnical risks to ensure project safety, stability, and
Your Tasks 
  • Reviewing and evaluating external geotechnical reports to ensure comprehensive understanding
    and applicability
  • Conducting desktop-based geotechnical assessments to identify ground-based risks for project
    planning and execution
  • Coordinating with external service companies for detailed geotechnical assessments to ensure
    high-quality and timely delivery of services
  • Preparing and communicating the scope of work for local external survey companies to ensure
    alignment and clarity in project requirements
  • Assessing the suitability of the ground for pile driving, including identifying impenetrable areas
  • Estimating and calculating the necessary ramming depth to ensure structural stability and project
  • Developing approaches for floating piles based on calculated data and geotechnical principles
  • Utilizing results from pull-out tests to inform and validate foundation designs
  • Providing information on the foundation requirements for transformer and inverter stations to
    support project infrastructure
  • Advising on the establishment of construction roads to ensure accessibility and durability
  • Identifying seismic risks and recommending mitigation strategies to ensure structural safety and
  • Identifying erosion risks and proposing solutions to prevent soil degradation and project impact
  • Assessing other potential risks, such as frost heave, soil shrinking/swelling behaviour, and landslides,
    to ensure comprehensive risk management

Your profile
  • Engineering degree in the field of Geotechnical Engineering or similar
  • Previous professional experience in the aforementioned fields, preferably in the field of
    geotechnical engineering
  • Good knowhow of geotechnical technologies, especially in soil mechanics, foundation engineering, and rock mechanics
  • Good knowledge of AutoCAD, Civil3D, geotechnical software or similar + Microsoft Office
  • Languages: English (native speaker or excellent command), German is a plus
  • Pro-active team player with a high degree of self-management (prioritize, organize, schedule work)
    and problem-solving ability
  • You are highly committed, have strong communication and negotiation skills, interpersonal and
    intercultural competence, a positive attitude, and enthusiasm to learn
  • This position will require occasional travel
  • At least 5 years of experience in the relevant area 
  • Working independently and self-reliant
  • Mentoring of junior positions
We offer you
  • A truly international work environment with colleagues from around the world
  • An open-minded and highly motivated team
  • Interesting and challenging tasks and an opportunity to experience working with our global projects 
  • We encourage both teamwork and personal responsibility
  • Great opportunities for professional and personal growth
  • Competitive compensation and other exciting benefits